To help you enjoy more of what matters to you, the UnityPoint Health pharmacy is offering free prescription deliveries to team members at numerous work locations. 

Pick-up and Delivery Locations Details

How much does delivery cost? 

Delivery is free, you only pay for the cost of your prescription medications. Payment will be collected for the prescription medication before it is sent out for delivery using a stored payment method or pharmacy staff will contact you before the delivery is sent out to collect payment. 

Can prescription medications for other household members be delivered? 

Yes, we can deliver prescription medications for any dependent or household member to team members at work. 

Can prescriptions be delivered to a UnityPoint Health location that is different than my normal work location? 

Yes, prescriptions can be delivered to another site if your workplace does not offer the delivery service or another location would be more convenient. Please contact the pharmacy to let us know which location would work the best. 

Can refrigerated medications be delivered? 

Yes, we can deliver refrigerated medications, pending your location's ability to provided refrigerated storage. The pharmacy wants to maintain the refrigeration of these products throughout the delivery process. Call the pharmacy to talk with pharmacy staff to ensure this capability exists for your location. 

How am I notified that a prescription has been delivered? 

Notifications are sent automatically through MyUnityPoint when your prescription is ready*. The prescription will be sent on the next available delivery day. The authorized agent at your designated pick up location may provide additional notifications when the prescription deliveries are made as a courtesy, but it is not required of them as an authorized agent. The pharmacy will call you prior to filling your prescription to confirm a refill is needed at that time or prior to delivery to provide consultation for new prescriptions. 

Can I order over-the-counter (OTC) items for delivery? 

Yes, we can deliver over-the-counter items available in our inventory as long as we have at least one prescription medication being delivered to the same location on the same day. Call the pharmacy to ensure we have the over-the-counter item you need and have a delivery headed your way. 

How do you ensure my information kept confidential and secure during the delivery process? 

The UnityPoint Health pharmacies adhere to the same HIPAA guidelines as all UnityPoint Health team members. To ensure your information is kept confidential, all paperwork and prescription medications are sealed inside an opaque bag before they leave the pharmacy. The outside label contains only the patient's name, team member's name and number (if different), and the delivery location. Prescriptions are transported to the pickup location in sealed containers. 

Do I have to sign for my prescription when it gets delivered? 

When you pick up your prescription, you must sign and date the form included in your bag and return it to the pharmacy for storage. Follow the process for your delivery location or call the pharmacy for additional instructions. 

*MyUnityPoint notifications for prescriptions is coming soon to Cedar Rapids, until then, a notification will be sent to your email address.