Medication Safety and You

  • Keep an updated list of your medicines, drug allergies and emergency contact numbers in your purse or wallet.
  • Review the medicine(s) you are taking, including herbal and nutritional supplements, with your Physician or Pharmacist on regular basis. 
  • Read and follow the safety instructions included with your medicines.
  • Only take prescription medicines that are prescribed for you.
  • Never take expired medicine(s).

How to Discard Medications

Unused and expired drugs in medicine cabinets increase the likelihood for teenagers, elderly, pets, or others to misuse or abuse them.

Medication disposal programs aim to reverse these trends by providing you with a safe, easy way to properly dispose of unwanted and expired medications. Receptacles are available at some UnityPoint Health Pharmacies during regular business hours to dispose of controlled or non-controlled medications.

Select the pharmacy near you to find out if they offer an unused / expired medication disposal program.

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