How to Complete a Patient Information Form

To use UnityPoint Health Pharmacy, you must first complete the Patient Information Form.

What you will need:

  • Your insurance card
  • Your employee ID number, which can be found on your pay stub
  • Health information about family members covered under this plan, such as allergies to medications

This form must be completed before any prescription will be filled.

First Name:  
Middle Initial:  
Last Name:  
Address Line 1:  
Address Line 2:
Contact Phone:
Insurance Card Holder Name:  
Insurance Card Holder ID:  
Insurance RX Group:  
Associated Affiliate:  
Employee ID:  
(UnityPoint Muscatine employees use 23100 for employee id number)

Please include yourself and all covered dependents.

Date of Signature:  
Patient Information
First Name:  
Middle Initial:  
Last Name:  
Date of Birth:
Easy Open Bottle Caps:
How would you like to receive your prescription?  
Allergies to Medications:
Medical Conditions: