Frequently Asked Questions

UnityPoint Health Pharmacy

Q: Who is covered under this program?

A: All UnityPoint Health employees and their dependents that are covered under a UnityPoint Health Network plan.

Q: What is the benefit of using UnityPoint Health Pharmacy?

A: You can obtain a three month supply of certain medications for two and a half copays.  Obtaining your refills through UnityPoint Health Pharmacy will save you approximately 17% of your copay cost (on eligible prescriptions).  

Certain medications can not be obtained in a three month supply (example: Lamisil)

Q: What if I don't use UnityPoint Health Pharmacy?

A:  You are not required to use UnityPoint Health Pharmacy. You can utilize any UnityPoint Retail Pharmacy and receive 3 months for 2.5 copays. You can utilize any Wellmark approved retail pharmarcy and receive a 3 month supply for 3 copays or utilize Catamaran Home Delivery and receive 3 month supply for 2.5 copays.  

Q: Do I have to get a 3 month supply?

A: No, you can get a one month supply though there is not a cost savings in doing so.  You are responsible for letting us know your preferences.

Q: Can you send me a 3 month supply for 2.5 copays, but then split the charge over 3 months?

A: No, we can not do this.

Q: Can I return a prescription if I'm no longer using it?

A: No, we cannot legally accept prescriptions back once they have left our pharmacy.  This regulation is for your protection and safety.

Using the Pharmacy

Q: How can I contact you by email?


Q: What is the UnityPoint Health Pharmacy phone number?

A: 1-877-262-4579 (Toll Free)

    319-369-7528 (Local)

Q: How will I pay for the medications I get through UnityPoint Health Pharmacy?

A: See payment section

Q: How do I get prescriptions to UnityPoint Health Pharmacy?

1. Fax

  • Legally, we can accept faxed prescriptions ONLY from the prescribing doctor's office.
  • Patients may not legally fax in their own prescriptions. We cannot use prescriptions faxed in by patients.
  • Certain prescriptions (i.e., C-II Rx's like morphine or Ritalin) can NOT be faxed by the doctor's office. We must have a written prescription in our possession before we can process it.
  • If I fax you a copy of the prescription and then mail it in, will I receive it any faster?

  • Can I email you a scanned copy of my prescription?


2. Phoned from MD office

3. Electronically sent by the physician.

Q: How can I obtain refills once you have the prescription on file?

A: You may order your medications online, by phone, by mail, email, or autofill. For more information on the process, see How to Use This Service.

Q: I have a new prescription, but I don't want it filled yet.  How do I let you know?

  • If the pharmacy receives a prescription for you, we assume you would like it filled. If you want the pharmacy to put it on hold, you must indicate this in some manner. For example, if your physician is electronically send us a prescription, ask them to send a note along with the prescription to put it on file.
  • If the pharmacy is filling your prescription for the very first time and it is too soon to fill because of insurance, we will fill it on the first day it is fillable. This is true whether you are on autofill or not.

Q: Will the pharmacy transfer prescriptions from another pharmacy?

A: We discourage this.  Many individuals do not have a 3 month supply of their prescription and the physician has to be contacted anyway.

In some cases, we can transfer your prescriptions.  However, we will not accept requests that ask us to"transfer everything for our family".  We must have specific patient names and which medications need transferred.

Q: How do I change my information?

  • If you move or your phone number changes, please notify us and HR immediately. Not notifying us only delays your package from arriving. 
  • I changed my address with HR.  Does that update my information with the pharmacy?

    Changing your address or phone number with your human resources department does not change it on the same day at the pharmacy.  Address changes are sent once a week to the pharmacy.
  • For dependents covered on your insurance and not living with you, please notify us immediately of their address and phone. This does not get reported to us through the HR Interface.

Paying for Your Prescriptions

Q: How do I pay for my prescriptions?

Q: I would like to pay for my prescription with a personal credit card. Can I do so?

A: Yes. Complete a payment authorization form.

Q: What will my copays be for prescriptions?

A: Your benefit materials explain your copayment or coinsurance. You may also call the toll-free number on your prescription ID card or contact your benefit provider for this information. Often you may pay less than the listed copay for the medication. For more information, please see Paying for Your Prescription. 

Visit Blue Rx Value Plus(2015),

Q: What does NF mean on the Blue Rx Value Plus formulary.

A: NF indicates this medication is not on formulary and will not be covered. Only in rare cases will this medication be covered and submission of a formulary appeal form by your physician will be required.

Additional Information About Your Prescription

Q: I have questions about side effects.  What should I do?

A: Important information on common medicine uses, specific instructions and possible side effects is included with each new prescription. Information is also available by calling 1-877-2mailrx (262-4579).  

Q: Will I receive brand name or generic drugs?

A: Wherever appropriate and available, the Pharmacist will substitute generic medication in place of brand name medication. By law, brand name and generic drugs must be chemically equivalent and also have the same therapeutic effect. Generic drugs must meet strict requirements under the FDA and are as safe and effective as brand name drugs, but are considerably less expensive. If you request brand name drugs, it may result in higher out-of-pocket expenses.

Q: Why do my pills look different than before?

A: There may be times when another clinically approved, cost-effective brand name or generic medicine is available to treat your condition. In these situations, the alternative medicine may be dispensed.

Q: Does my doctor know about this change?

A: Please be assured your prescription will not be changed unless your prescribing Physician determines that a change is beneficial.

Special situations

Q: What if I need medicine while I am traveling?

A: If you need your medicine to be shipped to a temporary address, call the pharmacy at the listed number and give us the information.

Q: I'm going on vacation and will run out of my maintenance medication while I'm gone.  What should I do?

A: In some cases, we can obtain a vacation override. Please give us at least a two-week notice to avoid running out of your medicine.

Q: What if I am running out of my medication because the doctor increased my dose? 

A: The doctor will need to fax or call in a new prescription with the new directions. If you call the pharmacy, we can obtain that new prescription for you.


Q: Can my prescriptions automatically be refilled without having to order each time?

A: Yes. Ask to have your prescription autofilled. Our system will automatically refill your prescription when your current supply is 75% gone. No phone call is needed. For more information, see Autofill.

Q: What is auto fill?

A: Auto fill is a prescription refill convenience. Your prescription will be automatically refilled every 1 to 3  months, thus there is no need to call, email, or fax the pharmacy for a refill request.

Q: What is the timeframe for an auto fill?

A: Each prescription will begin to be processed when your current supply of medication is 75% gone. For a 30 day supply of medication, this is 7 days left. For a 90 day prescription, this is 22 days left.

Q:If my medication is on auto fill, and it is discontinued after it has been sent, can I return it?

A: No.  The pharmacy is not allowed to accept returned medications per Board of Pharmacy regulations. This regulation was put in place for your safety.

Q: What are some reasons why you would not want to auto fill a prescription?

A: Autofill is not appropriate for all prescriptions.  You would not want to use autofill if:

  • The dose of your medication is changing periodically. An example would be Coumadin or insulin
  • Your physician changes your medication frequently
  • You want to control when the copay comes out of your paycheck
  • You use your medication on an "as needed" basis. An example would be anxiety medicine or sleep aids.
  • You periodically receive samples from your physician.
  • You take your medication differently than prescribed (please note this is not recommended by our pharmacy).
  • Topical medications (example cream, ointment, gel, lotion) will not be autofilled.
  • Diabetic supplies (test strips, lancets, needles, etc) are not appropriate for autofill due to variations in patient use.

Q: Do I need to have all my prescriptions on auto fill?

A: No, you can choose which family members and which prescriptions you want on auto fill. Please note that it is your responsibility to keep the information current with us.

Q: What happens if I stop using a prescription that is on autofill?

  • If you discontinue a medication and you selected auto fill, notify us immediately.
  • If you receive a medication refill that was on autofill but you did not notify us to cancel the prescription, you may not return it for credit. We must be notified prior to shipment if you no longer wish to receive an autofilled prescription, or else you will be billed for that prescription.

    Please note that physicians' offices do not call pharmacies when a medication is discontinued.