Auto Fill

What is auto fill?

Auto fill is a prescription refill convenience. Your prescription will be automatically refilled every 30  to 90 days depending on your request. With this service there is no need to call, email, or fax the pharmacy for a refill request. When your prescription has no refills or is expired the pharmacy will  contact your physician and request refills as allowed. Thus, prescription expiration or refill depletion will not necessarily stop the refill from being sent automatically through this service.

To begin, discontinue or change prescription autofill service submit an

Autofill New/Change/Discontinue Form.


What is the timeframe for an auto fill?

Each prescription will begin to be processed when your current supply of medication is 75% gone. For a 30 day supply of medication, this is 7 days left. For a 90 day prescription, this is 22 days left.

If my medication is on auto fill, and it is discontinued or changed after it has been picked up or sent, can I return it?

No pharmacy is allowed per the Iowa Board of Pharmacy regulations to accept returned medications. This regulation was put in place for your safety. You as the patient are responsible to contact UnityPoint Health Pharmacy to stop the autofill service. Please submit an Autofill New/Change/Discontinue Form.

What are some reasons why you would not want to auto fill a prescription?

  • The dose of your medication is changing periodically, example would be Coumadin
  • Your physician changes your medication frequently
  • You want the medication copay to come out of a certain check
  • You use your medication on an as needed basis, example Ambien for sleep
  • You periodically receive samples from your physician
  • You take your medication differently than prescribed(please note this is not recommended by our pharmacy)
  • If your medication is a medication applied to your skin (example cream, ointment, gel, lotion). The amount used by each individual varies on the area
  • Diabetic items such as insulin, test strips, lancet and, needles in which the usage varies frequently

Do I need to have all my prescriptions on auto fill?

No, you can choose which family members and which prescriptions you want on auto fill.

What if my prescription is expired or has no refills?

The pharmacy will automatically contact your physician for you.

What medications are not eligible for autofill?

  • Diabetic Supplies
  • Topical Medications-cream, ointment, lotion, salve, gel, medicated pads
  • Any prescription with "as needed" in the directions
  • Schedule II controlled substances, examples Concerta, Adderall, Morphine, Oxycodone.